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What is cyber security today?

  • Cyber attacks have progressed from basic malware infections to coordinated, criminal, and state-sponsored attacks. DOS strikes on a national scale are now considered the initial stage of a conflict.
  • Malware and zero-day exploits are now critical espionage tools. The attacker’s new goal is to keep getting into the victim’s computer systems without them knowing.
  • Modern cyber attacks have the potential to ruin businesses and organisations. Employees who defend an organization against cyber threats must be able to convey to management why cybersecurity is necessary.

Cyber threats are ever-progressing in complexity, and businesses continue to struggle to detect and respond to assaults when they occur. The never-ending cycle of newer and faster technology, as well as the capacity to link devices faster and in different locations, continues to focus the attention on legitimate, tactical measures to simply keep up with cyber security efforts.

Peace be with you.

We impart clear plans and methods for cyber security today; we don’t believe in complicated solutions with no clarity for your cyber security situation. Even large organizations don’t admit they are weak, resulting in them losing trust, providing apology statements, and suffering financial losses.

Operating from Sydney, we regularly provide the following cyber security services effectively:

Security Management

Developing road-map strategies, audits, vulnerability assessment, supporting and maintaining cybersecurity frameworks such as ISO 27001, Essential 8, SOC 2, NIST and government policies. firewall, cloud data, backup installation, testing and maintenance.

Risk Management

Strategic risk management, business continuity planning and audits. Developing risk methodology, identifying solutions, business impact analysis, incident response plan, disaster recovery plan and making recommendations to improve security posture.

End User computing

Installation, configuration and maintenance include ordering equipment, delivery, installation of operating systems and decommissioning of existing equipment.

ICT Programs and Services

Change Management, compliance, Anti-virus and monitoring services.

cyber security today

Note for our clients and the latest news

NSW Government has adopted a standard commercial framework for the ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020), which applies to ICT Consulting only. (ICT Consulting Services means the provision of recommendations or professional advice to assist decision-making by management. Generally, it is the advisory nature of the work that differentiates us from other providers.)

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