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About CyFence


We believe good cyber security is the foundation of vibrant lives, a safe environment, and forward cyber progress. That’s why, for more than 6 years, we have aimed to keep cyberspace safe at every level and in every data storage by providing clear informed cyber security services. As one of the world’s best and most experienced cyber security organizations, we are committed to protecting, defending, and attacking at the highest level. We strive to improve the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data, create a healthier cyberspace and put a peaceful mind, body, and cyber environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

Also, we have a knowledge platform, Every day, our more than 960,000 supporters across the world are blending hearts, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of a safe cyber environment, for humanity.


These days, your network is under attack from hackers, attackers, and even automated online bots who want to access your confidential customer and company data. If the attack is successful, the attackers may lock down your data or, worse yet, reveal the world to your customer information.

Due to the enormous amount of security risks that businesses encounter, it is crucial to assess the vulnerabilities that could impact your company. It might not be possible to avoid losing money due to downtime or paying hefty fines for data breaches, which could harm the firm as a whole.

Domestic Threats

A network must be protected from both external and internal attacks, as the latter might provide a serious vulnerability. Making sure that staff members are following best practices and are aware of their responsibility in maintaining network security is a crucial component of a good network security plan.


Network security is becoming a must rather than a choice whether you store consumer data, and sensitive information, or accept credit cards. Not to mention, you need a team that is aware of these criteria and a team that can offer the components required to keep you compliant if you must abide by HIPAA, SOC, or any other regulations.

How can we help?

Our area of expertise is safeguarding both your data and that of your customers.

Joshua Chen, a cyber security specialist with his professional team. Operating from Sydney, we could provide the following cyber security services effectively:

  1. Security Management – Developing road-map strategies, audits, vulnerability assessment, supporting and maintaining ISO 27001, Essential 8, SOC 2, NIST and government policies. firewall, cloud data, backup installation, testing and maintenance.
  2. Risk Management – strategic risk management, business continuity planning and audits. Developing risk methodology, identifying solutions, business impact analysis, incident response plan, disaster recovery plan and making recommendations to improve security posture.
  3. End User computing – Installation, configuration and maintenance includes ordering equipment, delivery, installation of operating systems and decommissioning of existing equipment.
  4. ICT Programs – Change Management and compliance.
  5. ICT Services – Anti-virus and monitoring services.

For more information, get in touch with us, which is the industry leader in network security.

Joshua B Chen
Director and Cyber Security Consultant.

USA, Israel, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

About CyFence

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