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Cyber Security Services

All cyber security services provided by us meet international frameworks and are mitigated by fully qualified cyber security professionals.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is one of the many tools that growing companies have commissioned us to do from the beginning, especially those that focus on technology, to improve their cybersecurity. As a business, we can point out any risks that you or your workers might create by accident.

Access Management

To authenticate, authorise, and audit access to applications and IT systems, businesses utilise access management solutions. Access solutions, which are frequently provided as a part of an identity and access management (IAM) solution, tighten security and lower risk by strictly regulating access to on-premises and cloud-based applications, services, and IT infrastructure. They aid in ensuring the proper users have access to the proper materials at the proper times for the proper purposes.

The majority of access solutions come with features for managing access rights, monitoring login attempts, and monitoring access activity. Traditionally, on-premise software applications were used to supply access solutions.

Cybercrime Investigation

Cybercrime investigation is one of our strengths in analysing a crime that involves a computer or computer network. We will detect events and analyze them to understand attack targets and methods. Pieces of evidence are collected and correlated from multiple sources and sensors. The impact of events is determined and new Incident alert thresholds will be established.

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

ISO 27001 gap analysis gives you a high-level look at what needs to be done to get certified and lets you compare your organization’s current information security measures to the requirements of ISO 27001.

We will recommend the best solution for organisations that need to measure their current level of compliance with the Standard. It also lets you use your ISMS parameters across all business functions.

ISO 27001 Internal Audit

ISO 27001 Internal Audit is required to meet clauses 8 and 9. An ISMS that is compliant with ISO 27001 needs to be maintained and reviewed on a regular basis. The internal audit is a very important part of this process. It should be done as described in clause 9.2 of ISO 27001 and at regular times.

Internal audits can be hard to do without the experience of a seasoned audit professional, especially if the organisation is new to ISO 27001.

Our auditors are qualified and experienced lead auditors who know both current auditing practices and how to put them into action. This means that you can get more advice on how to fix things.

You’ll get a detailed audit report that points out any problems. This will help you meet the Standard’s requirements for an objective and fair audit process. The report will show if the ISMS is still meeting the needs of management and ISO 27001.

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