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ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

The ISO 27001 gap analysis allows you to compare your company’s current information security procedures to the standard’s requirements and provides you with a high-level view of what needs to be done to become certified.

For organisations that need to assess their existing level of compliance with the Standard, we will suggest the best course of action. Additionally, it enables you to apply your ISMS guidelines to all business operations.

You can make an informed assessment of your compliance gaps with respect to ISO 27001, the proposed ISMS scope, your internal resource requirements, and the probable timescale to attain certification readiness by conducting this gap analysis.
Additionally, an on-site gap analysis will give you the knowledge required to create a compelling business case for putting an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS in place.
Service Specifications
Two essential steps make up our ISO 27001 Gap Analysis service: an evaluation of your current information security systems and documentation, followed by a report compiling the results.

When will it be finished?
The size and complexity of the organisation will frequently affect how long it takes to conduct the gap analysis, but the full report will typically be delivered within ten working days of the initial site visit(s) or online assessment. We will let you know up front if organisational complexity makes the exercise more likely to take longer.
Organizations of any size, in any sector or industry, can use this service. The fixed-price service being offered is for businesses with up to the indicated number of devices and one main location.
If your organisation doesn’t meet the aforementioned eligibility standards, the pricing can be changed to reflect the needs and profile of your organisation. Please get in touch with us for a quote.


  • Your gaps in compliance with ISO 27001.
  • Clarity of the scope of your ISMS.
  • Identify your internal resource needs.
  • Estimating the possible timeline for getting ready for certification.
  • All information you need to make a strong governance and business case for implementing an ISMS that is compliant with ISO 27001.

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